Thursday League

Game Status: Games Are Postponed

Last modified on Thursday, January 30th, 2020 at 10:38 am

**All Teams please arrive at 6:30pm for the final tournament on Friday, August 23rd**

Thursday Night Schedule

DateMay 7th   
Start Time6:30pm6:30pm6:40pm7:00pm
CourtBud LightBudweiserCoronaUltra

Thursday League Standings

#Team NameCaptainPointsWinsLossesForfeits
16Cheeks Beatington VIIIRyan Woodrow0000
15Bumpin' UggliesAshley Bertelle0000
14#BlockpartyKen Mcleod0000
13Volley LlamasKylee Simms0000
12Sonova BeachJodi Cunningham0000
11Serving Cerveza
Johny Krahn0000
10Sandy CheeksGeorge Chittle0000
9So Nova BeachJoe Nguyen0000
8Let's get this breadCassy Gordon0000
7Playin' in the SandKeith Slatford0000
6Can't get rightTiffany Blais0000
5Sandy BallzTiffany Koniecki0000
4Practice Safe SetsJames Thoman0000
3T-RexBrian Payne0000
2Team Arbour Anthony0000
1Team Mario 1Mario0000
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