Monday League

Game Status: Games Are Postponed

Last modified on Thursday, January 30th, 2020 at 10:38 am

Notes: **All Teams please arrive at 6:30pm for the final tournament on Friday, August 23rd**

Monday Night Schedule

DateMay 7th   
Start Time6:30pm6:30pm6:40pm7:00pm
CourtBud LightBudweiserCoronaUltra

Monday League Standings

#Team NameCaptainPointsWinsLossesForfeits
16How I Set Your MotherCarly Lisinski0000
15For funJennifer Belicka0000
14We Always Get It UpMagda Walczak0000
13Gettin TippyA.J.0000
12RockheadsAdriano Rocca0000
11Bumpin ugliesMatt Bedard0000
10ChewblockasSue Kotevski0000
9Not sure yetChristine0000
8Just the TipDerek Carnevale0000
7Keep It RenalCourtney Cheswick0000
6Calm Yo TipsMarcie Gagnon0000
5Chicken CobrasPatrick Golen0000
4KeggersFawn Vellinga0000
3Cheeks Beatington VIIIRyan Woodrow0000
2Two Bump ChumpsDan Pavlovski0000
1Detroit Block CityKelly Dobranski0000
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